Sunday, June 15, 2014

Maria Sobotka on a Garden Route Tour with GRF-Tours, Jan.2014!

Es hatte sehr viel Regen gegeben unterwegs. Dies ist im Trudouw Pass in der Naehe von Swellendam.
Maria auf der Bank am Meer bei Keurboomstrand
Buffel auf der Schotia Safari.
Ein Loewe aber leider immer nur von hinten.
Abends dann ein Glass Wein am Lagerfeuer mit allen auf der Safari, ganz toll!

Now already halfway through 2014! Was extremely busy in 2013, so many tourist!

This year 2014 started with Mandela celebrations as he passed away in December 2013. Thinking of this great world hero, I visited together with a Swedish tourist this new statue that was just erected at our Union buildings, where the government is sitting for half the year. For the other half they are sitting in the Parlement in Cape Town as we have one capital, Pretoria, but two cities for the government to have their sittings.
We then also visited the Cradle of Human Kind near Krugersdorp, north of Pretoria. You can listen here to why the poor Dodo, Quagga, Mountain Zebra and many more animals had to die and are now Gone For Ever, becoming Extinct, all since humans started inhabiting this world.
To end off this visit we attended a lovely South African wedding in a beautiful setting with lovely music in the gardens of a guest farm near Krugersdorp. This beautiful bride is one of my many nieces.
We flew back to the Fairest Cape with our well known, inland flight company, Mango!