Sunday, August 26, 2007

Difficult visitors sometimes!

Having to take one lady on seven Day-tours around Cape Town is most of the times not too easy, but when you have to take somebody who is not happy with anything in life. Who looks critisisms everywhere. That is when I would like to write to all our lovely Game Lodges in the country and aske them if they do not have a job for me, where I will mainly work with animals and not people.

At least one day did show some enjoyment and satisfaction for her and that was the day at Hermanus. The place near Agulhus (the furthest South Point of Africa). From July to November you can have one of the Best Whale Watchings in the World. This was such a day, lucky for me. The sun was shining and the whales performed in all their beauty and playful games. They even were jumping a few times right out of the water. It is called breaching, a mating game. So, my day was safed and she at least enjoyed that one day.