Monday, December 10, 2007

Tours with Klaus und Erika - October 2007

1) KRUGER PARK and Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cradle of Humankind-Maropeng!

Not a tour I usually do, but friends of mine wanted me to take their friends on such a tour.

We flew up to Jo'burg and stayed two nights in the Guinea Lodge in Joies. The owner of Guinea Lodge took my guests on a Jo'burg Tour to the mines etc. I took them the next day to Pretoria, Voortrekker Monument and then out to Maropeng (Cradle of Humankind). Very interesting and my guests enjoyed also the Sterkfontein Caves, but a little too narrow at places.

The next day we took off to Mpumalanga and the Longtom Pass. There had been huge fires through the area, but fortunately it started to become green again, but the black, dead trees still looked sad.

The next day we drove from Sabie to Grasskop, to Pelgrim's Rest and then to the Macmac and Berlin Falls and from there to the spectacular Potholes and Blyderiver Canyon. We had a fantastic day in this beautiful area.
We had to take a long dirt road at the end of the day to Nsele Lodge. This road started getting narrower and narrower as it also got darker, BUT we made it after a long day to these very friendly people, Stephanie and Olaf, who run Nsele in this Game Reserve conservensy. Very interesting cottages are arranged around a small pool in a lovely garden setting. This conservancy is very close to the Orpan entrance into the Kruger Park.
Here we stayed for 4 days and saw from buffalo, beautiful giraffes to lions, large elephant families, lots of antelope, zebra and also one beautiful leopard. Much more than we saw during the one day in Kruger. It was a lovely time and we were really sad to leave this tranquil, remote area on the last day, having to fly back to Jo'burg and then on to Cape Town.

After the Kruger Park Tour I also did a short Garden Route tour with Klaus and Erika. This was very pleasant.
They enjoyed our beautiful Garden Route and we as usually came back via the interesting and scenic Klein Karoo, which is so different, but has its own beauty for most visitors. The friendly Guest Houses do surprice them mostly. Coming back through Ropertson with its lovely wine farms is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

NAMAQUALAND with fantastic Flower Fields!

Two ladies from Harare, Zimbawe, wanted to come to Cape Town and tour up the Westcoast to our most fantastic Flower Fields. The flowers were absolutely exquisit this year. There was so much rain in the Western Cape that it was one of the best years for the flowers of Namaqualand. One just needs enough sun for these millions of Daisies in various colours to be open for their shows. At Kamieskroon it was hot and we saw fields of orange daisies. At Nieuwoudtsville the many different types of bulbs gave even a larger variety of different shapes and colours of this multitude of flowers.
For the desert to flower we needed the rain and sun, but as soon as it gets hot and dry they all disappear again until the next year if and when it rains.

The time was a little short and we had to rush back, so that these ladies could still fill up their empty suitcases that they brought along to get some food supply for the next couple of weeks in Harare.


The accommodations in these areas are scares and not all that comfortable as the many lovely Guest Houses around Cape Town. So if you think of joining me for a tour next year, please book early.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Garden Route Tour with visitors from Montana---12 to 18th August 2007

What a pleasure it was to take such a friendly Family from Montana through various exciting places on our beautiful Gardenroute. In the Tsitsikamma forest we all took part in the most exciting trip through the Yellowwood and Wild Pear trees. Swinging like monkeys from one high tree to the other was amazing. This venture was planned firstly by Costa Rika people. It is amazing, since there is not one metal object put into the tree. Very environmentally friendly to the forest. It all works on peaces of rubbers and wood carrying the thick cable that supports the platforms around the tree and also the cables leading from one tree to the next. Sliding on the cables from one tree to the next gives one a totally new perspective of these high giants. Try it next time you are in the Tsitsikamma forest. You take the turnoff to the village and then you will find the Treetop Canopy Tours or find them on the web at: You will have to book this trip.
After the treetops we went to Monkeyland the next day, which everybody also enjoyed a lot. Most interesting I found the Snakepark just outside Plett. This woman who took us around said her husband had all these snakes as his pets and she just had to learn all about it over the last 4 years. One looses ones fear for snakes at this park, since most snakes are not poisonous and will not attack easily. I even ended up having a young Boa around my neck. Quite a slippery, cold experience!!!
The place to Feed, Feel and Hug an Elephant, The Elephant Park near Knysna, was as usually also very pleasant and my guests also enjoyed that experience. These guests enjoyed some adventure and said they might be back to do more, like the Bungy jumping at Blaauwkrans. Well, that is not for me. I will not join them for that, but I will take them.
This trip ended up for them with seeing all our Big Seven, since we still saw many whales at Hermanus, before enjoying the wines on the winelands tour around Cape Town.
When I get friendly people like these, I really enjoy my tours around our beautiful country.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Difficult visitors sometimes!

Having to take one lady on seven Day-tours around Cape Town is most of the times not too easy, but when you have to take somebody who is not happy with anything in life. Who looks critisisms everywhere. That is when I would like to write to all our lovely Game Lodges in the country and aske them if they do not have a job for me, where I will mainly work with animals and not people.

At least one day did show some enjoyment and satisfaction for her and that was the day at Hermanus. The place near Agulhus (the furthest South Point of Africa). From July to November you can have one of the Best Whale Watchings in the World. This was such a day, lucky for me. The sun was shining and the whales performed in all their beauty and playful games. They even were jumping a few times right out of the water. It is called breaching, a mating game. So, my day was safed and she at least enjoyed that one day.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Heinrich Schütz Woche- Kroondal-Südafrika

Vom 1-8. Juli habe ich an einer Heinrich Schütz Singwoche in Kroondal bei Rustenburg, Südafrika teilgenommen. Hierzu kommt ein Dirigent aus Deutschland. Diesmal war es ein Musiek Director aus Thüringen. Es war wunderbar mal eine ganze Woche nur zu singen. Der Chor hatte über 100 Teilnehmer und viele davon konnten auch Instrumente spielen. Somit sangen wir manche Musiek mit einem Blasorchester und von der Barok musiek einige Stücke mit einen Geigen Orchester. Somit war es erstaunlich wieviel ganz tolle Musiek am Ende der Woche zusammen kam. Die Aufführung am Ende der Woche fand am Samstag in der Lutherischen Kirche in Kroondal stadt. Unsere Lungen wurden gesterkt und auch der Geist hierdurch.Wenn Ihr im Juli in Südafrika seid, dann macht mal bei so einer Schützwoche mit. Es ist ein tolles Erlebnis.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I went to Knysna

We had a great time!

We went to The Elephant Park and were feeding the Elephants with all sorts of juicy vegetables. It was so exciting when the Elephant took it out of your hand with his wet trunk. These big giants can be so gentle. Have you ever been feeding an Elephant? Come with me on a trip of our beautiful Garden Route and be able to Feel, Feed and Hug an Elephant. Just 30km furhter on the Garden Route near Plettenberg Bay you can even go for a walk with an Elaphant through the forest or go and ride an African Elephant.